Core manufacturing

In addition to contract wrapping of outsourced profiles of a variety of materials, we also wrap cores produced by us from wood products such as MDF, chipboard, plywood and solid wood.

The manufacturing process comprises cutting the board to size, milling to match drawing, including any necessary calibrations right through to sanding. We use modern equipment, such as Weinig multispindle moulders, to manufacture the cores. Sanding is on Heesemann automatic sanders and the wrapping on Düspohl or Friz wrapping machines.

Our own fabrication:

  • Exposed end embossing with embossing foil
  • Exposed end covering with original profile surface
  • Cutting to length, shearing
  • Plugging
  • Milling, CNC milling
  • Drilling, CNC drilling
  • Foil blanks
  • Processing of prefabricated furniture components
  • Customised packaging